Architectural Lighting

Create the ambience of an 'nightclub' or have a total room transformation using the newest lighting technology for your next event. Our Architectural Lighting Services (also known as uplighting or color washing) are perfect for ballrooms, tented events and product shows. Our new L.E.D. fixtures give off vitually no heat and have a low power consumption meaning they can be positioned almost anywhere without being a fire hazard.

Our L.E.D. fixtures utilize groundbreaking 10mm ultra-bright L.E.D.s which can create colorful hues and light scenes in any color imaginable. Our L.E.D. fixtures are suitable for stage lighting and color washes, but are best used as wall up-lighting for a total room transformation. We can also use several lights to simply apply lighting to create a point of focus. Whatever your application, our lighting technicians will coordinate the lighting system's color and intensity according to your itinerary to help create the ideal mood.

We have a mixture of L.E.D. bars and L.E.D. par cans to compliment any event. All L.E.D. fixtures are computer controlled giving you the option to have them set in any color(s) of your choice or even have them fading/flashing through colors at a chosen part of the night. They can provide subtle and atmospheric lighting, for example during a meal. They can then be programmed to flash and change color to the music later during the evening when your DJ or band starts.

Check out a sample video of our L.E.D. fixtures change color behind our DJ system.

Popular Packages

Head Table or Front of House Uplighting

Entrance Uplighting

Column Uplighting

Ballroom Perimeter Uplighting

We have lighting solutions that can turn any room into something out of the ordinary. Contact one of our sales representatives for information on how we can help create a special enviroment for your next function.

As a company we are always looking at ways of being more environmentally friendly. All of our L.E.D. fixtures use on average 90% less power than traditional lights and these lights gives off very little heat making these fixtures safe and in marquees.